Oakley Sunglasses For Women

For women sunglasses compliment our look and are certainly a fashion statement. Not to forget the real reason behind wearing our sunnies … the bright sun and glare. That’s why women’s Oakley sunglasses are so popular they bring practicality and fashion together.

There is something for every woman in the Oakley sunglasses range. Just to mention a few:-

The Breathless Sunglasses are designed to portray sophistication and confidence. They have an ultra light frame, a three-point fit for all day comfort and filters out all UV.

The Polarized Flaunt Sunglasses are an original and outspoken design, they are uniquely feminine. With the HD Polarized lenses, they offer 99% polarized efficiency, optimized peripheral vision with six base lens curvature. Impact resistance meets basic standards and glasses come with exclusive eye-wear case.

Oakley LIV sunglasses offer high definition optics with Plutonite lens material to filer out all UV while also having varied field and light transmission. They are very feminine, impact resistance meeting basic standards, offer all day comfort while also being ultra-lightweight and the eye-wear case is included.

The Women’s Dart Iridium Sunglasses feature a feminine frame, detailed hinge webbing and metal icons. They filter out 100% UV while maximising clarity at all vision angles with patented optics. Eye-wear case included.

Oakley Dart sunglasses offer comfort and durability, they are highlighted by the smooth contour of a single continuous lens. The High Definition Optics offer wide peripheral view. They are lightweight and can be fitted with optional gradient lens shading. The glasses assist in protecting eyes from the sun’s damaging light, no UV rays make it through the optical Plutonite lens material.

No matter which model of Oakley sunglasses you choose, you will be investing in good quality glasses that offer your eyes exceptional protection. They are designed for comfort and practicality while also being trendy.